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125 textures

• We have 125 high quality textures added by 0 professional 3d artists, starting from as low as $2.5 USD.
• The models are available in 0 different formats:
CGStudio Data Card
trunk texture
stone wall texture
stone rock texture
sheet metal texture
sand texture
roughcast texture
rough plastic texture
rock moss wall texture
rock moss texture
dirt ground texture
grass texture
gold texture
foliage texture
cracked ground texture
brick wall texture
brick moss wall texture
bone texture
bamboo texture
stone pillar texture
Concrete Wall Texture -Damp with leaks- texture
Black Semi Glossy Numbers 1-10 texture
HDR Light Ceiling Half Bowl 1 texture
HDR Light Circular texture
HDR Light Beauty Dish Circular texture
LANDSCAPE SHADING KIT V2 for Cinema 4D texture
Straw texture texture
$8 Straw texture texture
.tif .tiff
Stone wall texture texture
Stone Bridge textur texture
Old Wooden Door   texture
$9 Old Wooden Door texture
.tif .tiff
Hay round bale textures texture
Plaster stucco wal texture
oldwood texture
$10 oldwood texture
.tif .tiff
Fur texture. Tiff Format texture
Cement concrete High-res Wall texture
Wood Planks 6000x10000 px texture
Car Park Texture texture
$8 Car Park Texture texture
.tif .tiff
Cobblestone complex texture texture
ancient wall texture
$12 ancient wall texture
.tif .tiff
Mosaic Tiles texture
$12 Mosaic Tiles texture
.tif .tiff
Travertin marble texture
$12 Travertin marble texture
.tif .tiff
disp water texture
Pavement Pack 001 texture
Gravel Wall 01 Set texture
Brick 04 Set texture
Brick 02 Set texture
Brick 01 Set texture
Lawn 5 Set texture
Lawn 2 Set texture
Leaves On Sand 2 Set texture
Leaves On Sand1 Set texture
Asphalt 3 Set texture
Asphalt 2 Set texture
Asphalt 1 Set texture
Road 3 Set texture
Road 2 Set texture
Road 1 Set texture
Pavement 13 Set texture
Pavement 12 Set texture
Pavement 11 Set texture
Pavement 5 Set texture
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