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Formats & Files

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High Dynamic Range (.hdr)
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JPEG (.jpg)


File TypeSpherical
Hdris→ HDR 104 Sidewalk

HDR 104 Sidewalk hdri

HDR 104 Sidewalk royalty-free hdri - Preview no. 1 HDR 104 Sidewalk royalty-free hdri - Preview no. 2 HDR 104 Sidewalk royalty-free hdri - Preview no. 3
This package is a complete sIBL set and the full resolution source .hdr file.

-Full resolution .hdr Panorama
-half resolution .hdr Panorama
-full resolution .jpg Tonemapped Image
-low resolution light map

Projection: 360/180 full spherical panorama, Spherical Map Latitude-Longitude Depth: 32 bit per channel

What is sIBL?
sIBL-Gui is a free application for organizing your HDR images and setting up your scenes with a single click.
Price: $19.00
Date added: Aug 07, 2012
Last update: Mar 10, 2015
Product id: 543aa3c2285837aa09ef0d66
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