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3D ModelsAircraftAircraft Part→ SAAB 340

SAAB 340 3d model

SAAB 340 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1 SAAB 340 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2 SAAB 340 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 3 SAAB 340 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 4 SAAB 340 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 5 SAAB 340 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 6 SAAB 340 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 7
Description A detailed model of the SAAB 340, complete with texture sets, all components, cockpit, and landing gear, rudders are parented and pivoted for animation. Textures All major surface textures are 2052 in greatest dimension. Color, Specular, and Bump maps provided. Cockpit controls have their own textures. Photoshop templates for each detail are available for download. History The SAAB 340 is a two-engine turboprop aircraft designed and initially produced by a partnership between Saab and Fairchild in a 65/35 ratio. Under the initial plan Saab built the fuselage and fin, and also performed final assembly in Linkping, Sweden while Fairchild was responsible for the wings, empennage, and engine nacelles. After Fairchild ceased this work, wings were assembled in Sweden.Originally designated as the SF340, the aircraft first flew on 25 January 1983. After Fairchild exited the aircraft manufacturing business in 1984 the designation was eventually changed to 340A. An improved version of the 340A, the 340B, introduced more powerful engines and a wider tailplane in 1989. The final version, the 340B Plus, incorporated improvements that were being introduced at the same time in the Saab 2000, and was delivered for service in 1994.One of the improvements introduced in the 340B Plus was the installation of an active noise control system in the cabin, greatly reducing noise levels to the passengers. The first ever 340B plus was delivered new to Hazelton Airlines in Australia in 1995. Another change from earlier models was the moving of the lavatory compartment from the aft of the passenger cabin to just aft of the flight deck. This increased total available cargo volume as the original location intruded into the cargo bin area. The SAAB 340 typically seats 30, 33, 34, 35 or 36 passengers, with 34 seats being the most common configuration.The military variant is the Saab 340 AEW & C, which is an electronic surveillance aircraft. As of October 2005, there were 430 Saab 340's in service with 56 operators in 25 countries. In August 2006 a total of 361 Saab 340 aircraft (all variants) remain in airline service around the world with some 49 operators. Saab ceased the production of civil aircraft in 2005.
Price: $99.00
Date added: Aug 06, 2015
Last update: Oct 25, 2015
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